Two Skies – Feel review

Yesterday marked the release of the new single from Sheffield psychedelic trio, Two Skies. The band have already received praise from the likes of Q Magazine and BBC Radio 6 Music, and from their latest offering, Feel, this acclaim is well deserved. There’s a very quirky feel to the music, though despite the interesting decoration to the music and the fancy description, there’s an overpowering Joshua Tree-era U2 vibe to it; think specifically Red Hill Mining Town.

Putting Bono to one side, the track is one pulsing with soaring vocals (sorry, but think City Of Blinding Lights) and the dreamy, spiralling and slightly disorientating sound that’d suit late night drives or a live show full of cryptic projections. If you ignore the reinvented 80s U2 atmosphere, the track works as both subtle muzak or full on trippy psychedelia (turn your volume to suit).

Listen to Feel below.

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