Überkill – Sex On A Leash review

Cover Two Timin' Woman SingleLondon quintet Überkill describe themselves simply as, “we are Überkill and we play rock ‘n’ roll”. With a bio as straight to the point as their music is, the heavy rock sound tinged with classic influences is clear and unambiguous – it has every aspect of good ol’ classic rock. Their new EP, Sex On A Leash, is scheduled for release in January next year and each of the four tracks promises to make impact in a big way.

The opening riffs of Two Timin’ Woman spell out the entire experience; heavy classic rock at its most prominent, in a manner you so rarely see nowadays. Vocal moments that would ordinarily be seen as flat and lifeless work in the context, and long electric guitar solos suit it even more so, revigorating the music as it would’ve been when the style was big. It almost seems made for a live show, and whilst a touch repetitive, it’s memorable.

Second title track holds a more accessibly opening; but is that what you really want from this genre? This song implies that the sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll attitude that seemed to have died out years ago, and at moments you can see why it did. Electronic moments bring the piece up to date a little, but whether it’s classic in its structure or simply dated is a big argument.

As accessibility and enjoyment go, third Feel So Good tops it, making it the personal favourite with fluidity and confidence running through the sound. Closing Just One Thing almost feels like an epic despite being only five minutes long, and the instrumental blasts loud and clear throughout, with more solos bringing attention to the passionate rock side of the music. Whilst the track is varied, it’s up for debate how different it all is.

If you’re looking for solid classic rock with zest and passion, you’ll have struck gold with Überkill.

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