Valley Maker – Only Friend review

When Ben Howard broke into the world of mainstream music several years ago, the acoustic world allowed several other gems to rise to the surface, though few reached the London singer/songwriter’s calibre. It would now seem this might be set to change, with Seattle artist Valley Maker releasing an enticing finger-picked number from his forthcoming debut album, When I Was A Child, set for release on September 25th via Brick Lane Records. His latest single Only Friend, which you can stream below, was premiered on Stereogum last week, boasting a sound that sees Austin Crane – better known by his pseudonym Valley Maker – blend his vocals with long time collaborator Amy Godwin so elegantly you’d be happily tricked into thinking only a single voice lead the track.

As it is, the four minute work sees personal, Bright Eyes-esque lyricism blossom out of earthy instrumental among absorbing vocal layers, aptly matching the smooth blends between clips the video displays. With more boldness than Howard shows the journey winds on, demonstrating Crane’s multi-instrumentation talent at every twist and turn. Only Friend is a humble, rare beauty that doesn’t demand your attention, but gently nudges you until can help but offer your undivided attention.

You can watch the video for Only Friend below.

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