Valley Maker – Pretty Little Life Form review

Tomorrow marks the release of the debut album, When I Was A Child, from Seattle based Valley Maker, the singer/songwriter project of 27 year old Austin Crane, accompanied by long time collaborator Amy Godwin. Last month we covered Only Friend, the raw and absorbing first offering off the album, and follow up single Pretty Little Life Form provides another enticing taste of what’s to come. Both personal and powerful numbers, they set up When I Was A Child, released via Brick Lane Records, to be a compelling work.

Sparse but deliberate instrumental draws on the Ben Howard influences we previously praised the project for, with an alluring combination of vocals leaving the lyrics feeling very filtered through nostalgia. With a style of music that seems to lope along, stuck in a place of sentimentality, there’s a strong likelihood the music falls stale and becomes stagnant. Somehow this hazard is curbed, with a ringing determination leaving the music dancing around your mind long after the song has ended.

You can listen to Pretty Little Life Form below.

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