Velour Modular – The Shields review

“Delicious” isn’t a word word that’s usually apt for describing music, but then again, Velour Modular’s latest offering is a little more sublime than some music. In 2013, the French electronica artist Annabelle Guilhem (better known as Velour Modular) emerged with her debut EP Capsule, a work that focused on childhood. Now, her latest release sees her work with acclaimed producer Phon.o and brings her to the present day.

Speaking of her current single, The Sheilds, she said, “I tried to reveal the mechanisms that can appear in reaction to love. Having “feelings” for someone or ourselves may not be obvious to handle. Exposing and accepting vulnerability is probably the hardest thing to do. That’s what I tried to write about. Shields is about rejection.”

An underwater, dreamy sound gives way to Annabelle’s nonchalant yet powerful Chloe Howl-esque vocals as the track commences, levels of sound proving intriguing from the start. Repeated “I need to be in control” highlights the attention to detail in the music, at first delivered with strength and then again with a barely noticeable shade of doubt thrown in. As the chorus comes around the song splits between the sweeping lyrics and shimmering undertones, pairing up again and blending to one on the other side; this isn’t a three and a half minute single, this is a winding journey that’s as striking on the first listen as it is on the tenth.

The Shields is nothing short of captivating, with sophistication and delicacy that can only be summed up with the description of “delicious”.

You can stream The Shields below.

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