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VilliansAfter checking out their new single, we had a chat with Villains – check it out below!

Hi, Villains!
Firstly, can you tell me about your current single, Wicked Ways?
So yeah, you can catch the video for our new single at this link:

This is one of the first songs we wrote when we started as Villains and I think it gives you a pretty good idea of what we’re all about really. Bit of light and dark in terms of lyrics and melody and a big chorus that everyone can sing along to. We think about the structure and setup of our songs a fair bit and this is one that I am very proud of. It’s definitely one my favourites, both on record and to play live.

Who’s influenced the track musically/lyrically?
I think the reason we sound like we do is because we all listen to a lot of music, but most importantly we all listen to a lot of DIFFERENT music. There are probably only a handful of bands that we can all agree on in fairness. But the one band we definitely agree on is us, and that’s why we sound like we do. In general the song ideas will stem from something myself or Tom have written, but the song-writing process as a whole is a very democratic one and I think that works well.

How do you feel this release is a progression from previous work?
I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a progression but, as I mentioned earlier, it’s a pretty good snapshot of what we are all about. Singles give you the opportunity to highlight your band in one song. ‘The Fall’ which we released back in January, had a slightly different tone to this song which I think is a good thing. No-one wants to hear bands just send out the same song over and over again. It’s good to be diverse, and it’s something we are proud of.

How do you decide which tracks are worthy as release as singles?
We played a lot of this music live before we released anything so that tends to give you a good insight as to what people think about some of the songs. This is one that has always gone down well and even more so since people got hold of the album so it made sense to release as a single. It’s a really interactive song and when you look out and people are singing along with the gang vocals at the end it always makes me feel good!

Tell me about your music video – how do you go about deciding what you’re going to do for one?
The video we did for ‘The Fall’ told a story, intertwined with band performance. This time we just wanted to focus on performance. Playing live is what we enjoy and we wanted people to get an idea of what we are like live. That was the whole premise behind the video and I think we pulled that off pretty well. We shot it In our friends Antiques warehouse so had plenty of props to build the ‘stage’. I think it gives it a slightly different feel from everyday performance videos. The director (Ian Collins) also added in some cool filters and stuff over the top. I’m really pleased with how it came out and so far the feedback has been awesome.

After this release, what are the band’s plans for the summer?
We’re actually going to be recording some new music over the summer which we hope to be releasing by the end of the year or early next year.  We’ve also shot another video already for our next single, which is being edited as we speak. I’ve seen some of it and so far it looks amazing so I can’t wait to see the final edit. Other than that we will be looking to play a few more shows and hopefully get on a couple of tours towards the end of the year.

And, finally, where can people catch you live next?
Whilst we’re focussing on writing etc we won’t be playing as much but you can catch us playing a free home town show with Tek-One on Saturday 26th July at The Fleece in Chelmsford. Then, like I said, we will be touring later on in the year which we are all very excited about.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us!
No worries, thanks for having me! Be sure to check us out on and

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