Virtue In Vain – For All You Know Is The Mask I Wore review

VIRTUEINVAINFounded in 2012 and calling Cardiff home, metal four piece Virtue In Vain take today to release their debut EP, For All You Know Is The Mask I Wore. Since their formation, they’ve spent their time forging their live show, having shared stages with the likes of Napoleon, Dead Hrts and Astroid Boys among others. This seven track offering allows the quartet to show off that they’re as impressive in the studio as on stage, with the force of a ten tonne truck in every riff.

Though the aptly titled minutes long Prologue is an atmospheric one that sets the benchmark for the rest of the record, it’s not until five and a half minute Martyrs that much really kicks off. Cutting straight into riffs that earn their place throughout the EP, the music layers itself into a solid wall of music, with Hywel Thomas’ harsh vocals spattering across like an angsty teenager’s graffiti.

In Faith, In Ruin sees Thomas continue to belt out the vocals over impressively staccato percussion that only mounts tension as the energy continues to peak, with the riff heavy opening of Left Behind throbbing unapologetically. Not all heavy blast, a minimalistic breakdown kicks with shock as much as the rest of the track doesn’t with weight, before the sound is pulled up again, ligament by ligament.

Another hard hitting and destroying number, My Heart Is Bruised But Never Broken precedes a lull in the force with Relapse, a sub two minute gentle instrumental that seems incongruous sandwiched between such heavy songs. Winding up with another five and a half minute blast in the title track (which you can check out below), Virtue In Vain show that attention to detail in the instrumental is as vital to creating a stunning release as passionate vocal work.

Boasting riffs galore and itching with potential, Virtue In Vain have produced an EP that metalheads are sure to love.

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