Vow – Make Me Yours review

VOWIf you mixed the likes of Everything Everything with CHVRCHES, you might reach a luscious combination akin to Vow. The LA duo have recently released their EP, Make Me Yours, which intertwines silky smooth vocal work with understated and more gritty instrumental to form a release unlike much I’ve ever heard.

Miles Away opens the EP in the most synth-pop way possible, creating an almost trance-esque backdrop before Julia (Blake, vocals) breaks into the track. Her vocal work drives and weaves the song through the melody and choppier sections of the song, which hint at the post-punk influences that play their role in the creation of the EP. Planks reinstates the electro-pop slant, with piano undertones akin to those of Keane’s Everybody’s Changing. This addition ropes in hints of indie-rock traits, with Julia’s soft vocals glazing the whole thing over and taking on an echoy control of the track towards its close.

Percussion and commandeering vocals take Palm on a turn for the punk with the grittier and more colourful instrumental holding a life of its own against the vocal work, which combined with a second voice can only be described as velvety. Charm boasts a rougher intro, too, in the bass notes that drive the track forwards, whilst the layers of vocals that comprise the close of the track and draw attention from the brilliant lyricism but form an almost tangible cushion of sound.

Escapist bring about the close of the EP, ever so gently, with Gabrielle Aplin-esque vocals mingling with synthesised instrumental that each pick up in turn. A slightly too abrupt switch marks the meat of the track, and far from this remaining the constant of the melody, the song continues to develop. The finale of the EP remains pinned in your mind for a short while after its brought about its own close, with Julia’s voice ringing out over the faded instrumental to tie the whole thing up nicely.

This delicate EP mixes the beautiful intricacies that only occur in acoustic work with a fun synth edge and true punk kick, and the creation is alluring and alive.

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