We Are Carnivores – Crouching Tiger Hidden Spider review

Taken from their EP, Tex-Mexiconomy, released at the end of last year, Crouching Tiger Hidden Spider (yep, you read that right) is the latest single from Nottingham math-rockers We Are Carnivores. We recently saw the quartet supporting Speaking In Shadows at Nottingham’s Bodega, and safe to say, the energy and hectic zest that pulsed through their live show is equally present in their studio work.

The band have previously been regularly featured on Alex Baker’s Kerrang! Radio show, as well as their video for T.O.W.I.C.S having been played across MUZU.TV, XBOX Live and more. Their new video, which you can check out below, is brilliantly fun and eclectic, the sort of video you’d wish you’d been a part of, purely for the enjoyment of it.

Riff infused, the track is buzzing with passion and holds refrains and hooks big enough to sweep up a whole live show. Addictive and simply brilliant, this is a song made for strobe lights, sing alongs and anyone willing to join it with the frantic joy the band perform the song with. It’s driven by riffs, shaped by riffs, and… well, if you’re a fan of some pretty immense riffs, this’ll be for you.

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