We Are Carnivores – Tex Mexiconomy review

CWords: Mark McConville

Mixing genres and sounds together seem to be a mainstay in the make-up of English band We Are Carnivores. The act fortify a great blend of empowering riffs and obscure lyrics that ruffle the collar. The magic has been processed with great imagination and a work to the bone attitude. Grace and gratitude have also been implemented into the music, you can almost hear the light flash and ideas sing. The EP is called Tex Mexiconomy and it showers wonder. It breaks the shackles of clich├ęs and never bombards the excitement that powers around the brain.

The riffs are embedded are highly experimental and complex showing the musicianship and talent of the band. Immediate hooks and flair completely drench their music, making it likeable and fresh. The directions are purposeful and courageous, never falling by the wayside. Expect key notes and instrumental tones to rattle your fatigued bones.

The EP starts with Checkout Girl. It’s a track that is very intelligent lyrically and advanced musically. The guitar sequences are so bold and concise. The wordplay is finely tuned, orchestrated with a touch of pessimism. A Quick Question Can’t Stay Long opens with another well executed riff that powers through until the infectious vocals seep in. The instrumentals are truly spellbinding. The burning guitar is played with a stern hand, lifting the song into the shoes of excellence. Crouching Tiger Hidden Spider is a more subtle contribution. It’s very vivid and negative, lost love is portrayed through the medium of music yet again. Lyrically it pinpoints a girl’s vile smile, her not so innocent persona.

We Are Carnivores have certainly mixed up their music. Putting their talents to good use, drawing the listener in. They have championed a different, organic style. All this from one room, with one microphone. It’s a wonderful achievement that will be applauded. Their attitude seems to be intact, not hanging by a thread. I can see a grand future for this quartet.


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