We Came From Wolves – Ruiner review

If you play word association with the genre of “Scottish rock”, Biffy Clyro and Twin Atlantic are bound to leap out of people’s mouth first. Recently there’s been a breakthrough wave of acts following in their wake – think The Xcerts or Fatherson – and We Came From Wolves are just as deserving to be on the same “commendable Scottish rock” roster as them.

2015 saw the band release their debut self titled album, selling out their album release show at Glasgow’s ABC2, and going on to win the Scottish Music Alternative Award for Best Rock/Alternative. This year is set to see them grow further, with a highlands tour locked in to coincide with the release of their next single, Ruiner.

The penultimate track of the album, frontman Kyle Burgess describes Ruiner as: “A frank and bleak self-assessment of a dark period in my early 20’s. The song battles the realisation of pain you are causing others through selfish choices and lifestyles, and opens up to the failures in my life at that point.”

Ruiner is a choppy ocean of sound, the staccato riffs that welcome the song setting you up for rough ride in terms of the bleak subject matter. Burgess’ calm vocals guide you through the storm whilst the self-deprecating lyrics themselves turn out to be as dark as first suspected, but on a dark night there is some hope among the collective, hinted optimism of the gang vocals which pinch the song’s close. There’s no rush in the song, each second though out with a deliberation that is paramount to the smooth execution of the track and safe passage through the storm.


Ruiner will be release on March 18th.

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