We Came From Wolves – Self titled review

We Came From Wolves (SSR 015) cover artMay 25th brought us the release of We Came From Wolves’ self-titled debut album via Saraseto Records. The Glasgow-via-Perth quartet had already thrown themselves into the spotlight with the impressive 2014 EP, Paradise Place. This time around though, the band have stepped away from the pop punk melodies of Stallion, Foals, Foxes, Crows and taken a more alternative rock approach.

The album debut opens with a beautifully haunting, one-minute acoustic intro, titled Wolves, before crashing into Glasgow Stranger. With such strong Scottish vocals from Kyle Burgess and some powerful pop-fuelled guitar riffs, this track is going to do well among Twin Atlantic fans. However, it’s Am I Useful? that sees Burgess’ vocal work really stand out – backed up by melodic riffs we’d expect from Deaf Havana’s Fools And Worthless Liars and steady drum beats, it’s a heartfelt and memorable track that won’t disappoint.

Coraline leans towards the band’s older pop punk roots, and there’s a hint of Franceschi-esque vocal work in there too, while Butterflies treats us to anthemic riffs and heavy basslines. Where’d Your Love Go? is the highlight so far, opening track six with a slow, spine-chillling riff. There’s a sense of power behind this track as the chorus kicks in and Burgess sings, “You’ve been keeping secrets from me / All this has to stop right now,” and it’s guaranteed to be a live crowd-pleaser.

Up next comes Validate Me, starting out with an intimate acoustic verse before an explosion of metal-esque riffs takes over in a Young Guns-meets-Framing Hanley spectacular – you can almost hear Kenneth Nixon within Burgess’ vocals here. You’ve Backed The Wrong Horse sticks to this sound, despite another hint of heartfelt pop punk, before I Know You’re Leaving surprises us with a McBusted pop fest and Ruiner draws us in with its catchy lyrics.

Finally, I Need Something slows everything down completely in an emotional acoustic effort. This song alone is enough to make you teary and will ultimately melt your heart when the electric guitar kicks in at the halfway mark. We Came From Wolves’ self-titled debut is packed with ups and downs, but they’ve got an exciting road ahead of them. Good work boys.

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