White Reaper – I Don’t Think She Cares review

Last month, White Reaper dropped the first single (Make Me Wanna Die – which you can read about here) from their forthcoming debut album, White Reaper Does It Again, out July 17th via Polyvinyl Records. As a follow up to the blast that their first offering left, self explanatory I Don’t Think She Cares comes hot on the track’s heels as another teaser from the eagerly awaited full length.

The next single, which was released online earlier this week and can be streamed below, scarcely makes the two minute mark, but fill every available second with punky angst. Speaking of the track, frontman Tony Esposito states, “The title says it all really, the song is about a girl who doesn’t care about you anymore and you just gotta get over yourself and keep on keeping on.”

Fuzzy and fuming, the track is a feisty one, from the hazy, static distortion that floods the track and instills the garage punk vibe to the bold guitar solo the song pivots around. It’s a perfect encapsulation of a tantrum, and one that should only be played till the rasping vocals are the main object that draw the line between music and white noise. Give it a shot.

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